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School Re-Opening Survey


Dear Parents/Carers of pupils in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6

We are considering a number of options for re-opening and would like to ascertain your views.

We are considering  taking a cautious approach by reducing risk to pupils and staff by initially opening for pupils to return either in the morning or the afternoon.  This would allow us to keep group sizes to 8 or less and therefore reduce risk.  This sort of phased return would support our youngest pupils in the transition from being at home all day to being back in school.  

I realise that not all families will wish to send their child back to school at this time.  If this is the case, it will help us to plan if you could let us know if you wish your child to return to school should we reopen on 1st June.  

Please be assured that whatever happens every decision will be made making sure that the safety of our pupils and our staff remains the absolute priority.

I would be very grateful if you could complete the on line questionnaire as soon as possible to support us with our planning.

Best wishes 
Mrs Breedon

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