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EU Settlement Scheme Update

Citizens Advice Bureau are offering support for Settled Status applications for those who have yet to apply - They have provided the following information:


At Citizen's Advice Mid Mercia, we are working alongside the Home Office to reach out to families to support them with their EU Settled Status. 

The Home Office has recognised that not all families have applied for their status by the deadline set of June 30th, 2021. Those who have not been able to apply for various reasons may require added support completing the paperwork for late applications. 

If families do not apply for either their Pre-Settled Status or Settled Status, they will lose the right to live, work, education for their children, rent their homes, access our fabulous NHS, or claim benefits and state pension. 

The support we provide involves helping make new applications. We help those who need to apply to change from pre settled to settled status. We help those who have requests from the Home Office for further evidence to support their applications. We can claim Share Codes: for those waiting for their decisions to help prove their rights to work, rent or claim benefits. We also help contact the Home Office with any questions the families might have while waiting for their decisions.